Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi to all who are interested! I'm a beginner to the blog system so I'm experimenting by posting a couple of my favorite pix from our incredible Monhegan painting vacation!-- More images to come

Friday, September 19, 2008

Group Shot of the Guild

The Maine Landscape Guild
Taken last week on Monhegan Island! We are standing on Fish Beach and the small island of Manana is behind us across the harbor. From left to right you see Carla Tudor, Nancy Bea Miller, Mary Walsh, Alexandra Tyng, Eliza Auth and Diana Ansley.

What a week it was!

More Monhegan Photos

Here are few more memories of our painting trip:

1) Relaxing in the living room

2) Eliza, Nancy Bea and Mary on Lighthouse Hill, looking over at the village and Manana

3) Diana walking on Burnt Head, Trail #1, towards White Head, through the natural fall "garden."

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monhegan Trip 2008

Thanks to all the MLGuilders for a wicked good week!  Hope you enjoy these bits of our week together.

Mary and Eliza enjoying popovers on a rainy day-

Manana from our window-

Carla drawing with the birds-

Alex inspiring us with her songs-

We took pictures from all angles-

And from every window-

No wonder with the stunning sunsets-

What better way to end the summer! 

Back from Monhegan

The Maine Landscape Guild has just returned from our annual trip to Monhegan. It was a fabulous and eventful trip, with lots of painting and eating and hiking - and we even weathered a tropical storm. It was sad to leave the island, but the skipper of the ferry Laura B took us through the narrow channel that threads between the cluster of islands owned by the Wyeths. He told us some of the history, pointed out a pair of bald eagles, and then  there was a final touching moment when Andrew Wyeth himself waved to us. A perfect ending to a wonderful week. 

In the picture above you can just make out AW between MLG members Nancy Bea Miller and Diana Ansley.