Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Murder on Monhegan

Just been reading a murder mystery set on Monhegan Island! Came across it by chance. It's not bad, certainly not great literature or anything. And somehow I don't get a real sense of the island, but many of the familiar landmarks do get mentioned. And for somebody hungry for Monhegan, that's a plus.

An interesting detail: digital cameras must have been new when this book came out and there are several fun and fascinating references to people trying to get their heads around this new technology! On the other hand, one of the main protagonists is an artist but the author does not seem very conversant with the visual arts. At one point she mentions the whole Wyeth-Helga thing and manages to get Helga's hair color wrong as well as misunderstand the whole nature of that exercise. But I digress...

Just thought it was worth a mention and a read for the Monhegan-starved! Murder with Puffins by Donna Andrews.