Friday, October 17, 2008

After such an intense week in a place like this, it takes a while to process the experience and start planning major paintings. Here is a tiny study for a possible large painting. It's the view from the house we rented. I believe we all leaped up from dinner and scrambled for our cameras when we noticed  the dramatic fading light that evening.


Alex said...

Eliza, what lovely colors! Can't wait to see the larger painting(s). I seem to have become fascinated by the dead trees and I've done two small paintings of them. Maybe I'm having the same problem thinking of what to say on a larger scale. A little overwhelming!

Anonymous said...

"After such an intense week in a place like this..."

You should try it year-round!

Just teasing. But living here in Maine year-round certainly has its challenges. Still, some of the rewards are remarkable winter views - perfect for painting!