Friday, May 8, 2009

New Monhegan Painting

Though I think about Maine all year, I notice a heightening of excitement in my thoughts as spring moves toward summer. I find myself reliving the outdoor painting experiences of last summer and planning new compositions. Here's one I just recently finished of my MLG friends Diana and Mary painting the orangey glow on the island of Manana from the rocks on Monhegan's western shore in the early morning.

It was composed from a photo I took, and the color information and the feeling of "being there" was inspired by a small oil sketch I had done on two successive mornings at the spot. In my larger painting, I made a direct reference to my process: the third (higher) easel in the painting is mine, with the sketch on it. At the top I've posted my oil sketch so you can see the relationship.

Can't wait for the summer and Maine!

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DCA said...

Alex- I adore this painting and it really has the feel of that morning. I am so glad you can't see our faces as it was 5:45!!!!!! I looked like hell--but you would not know it from your lovely rendition. I just found my diary from the first Monhegan trip. I think I might post it so you can relive our first trip!!!! I love the sky and the depth that you have achieved.