Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On Island, where I wish I were right now!

Eric Hudson  "Maud Knowlton and Alice Swett Sketching"  1905 Monhegan Museum

Just blogged about this charming painting today on my blog, Women in the Act of Painting. Doing the research brought back so many memories of my times on Monhegan Island (....sigh...pout...yearn!)  You can read the post here if you care to learn more about the three artists concerned: Eric Hudson, Maud Knowlton and Alice Swett.

BTW, I could find almost no information on Swett, so if anyone reading this does have more background, please contact me? Thanks so much! Nancy Bea

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Alexandra Tyng said...

One of my favorite Monhegan paintings! I wonder why these artists faded into obscurity? Their work is excellent.