Friday, December 7, 2007

More Long Pond

While we're on the subject of Long Pond, I wanted to add that Long Pond is my favorite place on Earth. It's the place where I feel most at peace with my senses fully tuned. I first went there as a young teenager with my family, and I met Diana, another member of this guild. Who knew that, almost forty years later, we would still hang out together and even paint together?

There are other places in Maine that come in as close seconds to Long Pond. One of them is Monhegan, a jewel of an island down the coast from Mount Desert. Undoubtedly we will be writing a lot about Monhegan and our experiences there. And there is the little island where my brother spends time in the summers. There will be others, I'm sure, if I keep on exploring Maine as I hope to do. But Long Pond is first in my heart.

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