Sunday, December 23, 2007

More Maine Literature

Thanks for that information, Nancy Bea! I just saw this and realized that my post might be a little late for those in need of last-minute Christmas presents, but, still, it's always good to have Maine books on hand to read on cold winter days and nights.

The Maine Poets: A Verse Anthology, Edited by Wesley McNair

This is really my daughter's book so I haven't had chance to read it through, but every so often I pick it up and read parts of it. It includes poems by H. W. Longfellow, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Edwin Arlington Robinson; also many other poets, some of whom are contemporary. The verses are often not the most famous by those authors, which creates a sense of discovery while reading. It's a good break from fiction.

My favorite author of Maine fiction is Ruth Moore, who grew up on Gott's Island. Spoonhandle is my current favorite, set in a fishing town on a Maine island. Others I enjoyed are: Candelmas Bay, A Fair Wind Home, and Speak to the Winds. The Weir is perhaps her most famous novel, though when I first read it I had trouble getting into it. You might have better luck than I. I just bought an old hardback copy of The Fire Balloon but I haven't read it yet. For a short and interesting biography of Ruth Moore, go to:

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Nancy Bea said...

I'd like to borrow some of these books from you when you are done with them Alex!