Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Bliss on Mt. Desert Island

How I missed all of you on my recent trip to Maine!!! It was incredible! We drove through a blinding snow and woke the next day to a clear, crisp, frozen world. Hope you recognize this panorama from Trenton as we approached the island.

Somesville had so many wonderful views. The mill pond had such incredible colors, I had to take a picture every time we passed it. We spent most of the morning there. I was hoping to paint the view from inside the old house, but it was colder inside than out! I think next time I will paint like Hopper in the car!!As you may have heard we had a mix-up on closing the house so all the pipes had been drained and the house was all closed up. I was fortunate that one of my friends let me stay in one of her rentals in Southwest Harbor.

More views of Somesville!!! We then went out to the camp. The road had been plowed, but was still all snow. We walked from the end of the driveway into the camp. I was so taken by the stillness and beauty of the woods. The lake was just freezing over down the sides of the lake. In front of the house the water was still flowing and looked much the same as September except for bits of snow on Beach and Bernard. Anyone for a swim?

The days just flew by as the island is in darkness at four o'clock in the afternoon. You really have to get up early to enjoy the day. Next year we need to do a December trip!!! I wanted to go to Monhegan, but the boat only runs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It makes one trip and then turns around. I was trying to go Monday and return on Wednesday, but we woke up to snow on Monday. The ferry is weather permitting so if you get there it could be a while before you are able to get off!! We had to leave a few days early as a huge storm was due.

Nancy Bea thanks for sending me notes on posting!! I'll leave you with these two views of the head of Somes Sound and then another view of the Sound from Sargent drive.


AT said...

WOW! Amazing! Wish I had been able to go up there with you.

Nancy Bea said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing these great photos!